Day Trip to Gydnia, Poland

Today we ventured out to see Gydnia; one of three cities which make up the metropolitan area known as the Triomaste. It is about 15 kilometers away from where we are staying in Oliwa. We read about a variety of ships, an aquarium, big buildings, museums and ferries there, so we had to check it out.


When going anywhere, we have a few options: train, tram, bus, taxi, Uber or walk. We have been wanting to take the train, and Gydnia is too far to walk, so we walked to the train station about 5 minutes from our flat. We bought tickets and only waited about 5 minutes for the train to come.

Oliwa Train station

We got on and waited for our stop, thanks to Google Maps, we knew when to get off.Total cost: $5. After getting off, we needed to make a quick pit-stop to go to the bathroom, where we found you need to have 2.5 zlote or you are going to have to hold it. (1 USD = 3.6 zlote) (Always good to keep some zlote in your pocket.)


Then, we took a 15 or so minute walk through the town toward the dock. It was bustling with electric buses, people walking around and tall buildings. It smelled of fresh bread baking and meat slow-roasting. There were vegan burgers, kebabs, sushi, pizza and sandwich restaurants, specialty beer and cider shops, casinos, bakeries, boutiques, department stores, English lessons, and things I won’t mention. We liked the big city feel to it.


When we got to the dock and looked back, we were met with this view of the city.


A few steps further and we found the ships lined up along the side of the dock.

ship 2

This one had a torpedo!


The Dar Pomorza

ship 4

This one was actually a bar and restaurant.


And it had a dragon being stabbed with a trident!

We got a kick out of these, but all the walking was working up our appetites, so we found a little kebab/gyro/sausage restaurant to eat at. Pretty much all the food on the dock was kebabs,fish or pizza, which was fine with us. I love the chicken kebabs which are served with a garlic sauce and a salad, and Slade and Caleb will eat almost anything.


Once we refueled, it was time for the aquarium: Akwarium Gdynskie. It is located right there on the dock.

Akwarium Gydinskie

Talk about a science lesson, this place was amazing. Here are a few of our favorite exhibits:

jelly fish

The jellyfish were much more enjoyable since we weren’t swimming with them.(as we did in Costa Rica)


This little guy kept peeking up and sinking back down.


They had an anaconda!


This squid was part of a diagram of different sea creatures.

home school

And here was an interactive geography display.

Slade has been learning about life cycles in our home studies, so this was an immersive and exciting day trip for him. He loves science most, but we also got some history in there. He was full of questions, wanting to know what the different parts of the boats were for, where the animals came from in the aquarium, and how they got there. Some of the displays actually explained how the aquarium got the animals and why…loved it!

Once we saw the whole aquarium, we had a look around at the sites in the area…

Ship and statue

This was a statue in front of where all the boats were lined up.


Then we checked out these plaques on the walkway.

travel family

Then chilled for a little bit. Look at that view, the sun came out in the afternoon and it was beautiful, and the guys aren’t bad either! Once we finished up here, we headed back to town, did a little shopping, and went to the Gdynia train station (pictured below).

train station

We agreed the day was a success! Gydnia has much to offer: great sites, beautiful views, and good prices (I found a pair of shoes for $5.50!) What we didn’t get around to today is visiting the museums and taking the ferry to Hel,  which is ironically supposed to be the most beautiful beach in Europe. Maybe we will go back, maybe not. We will see.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Gydnia, Poland, we did!


3 thoughts on “Day Trip to Gydnia, Poland

  1. Loved it! Enjoyed your humor, your attention to detail in explaining who what and where and of course seeing all three of your lovely faces!


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