When a Normal Day Turns Extraordinary!

You know that moment when you think you’ve seen a place and then you get blindsided with something amazing? Yeah, that happened today!


Notice anything unusual about this view?

Today we decided to head to town, grab some lunch and look around. Next thing you know, we are climbing 400 stairs to get this view of Old Town Gdansk! Where in the world did we go?

We climbed the stairs inside of the St. Mary’s church. The climb required about 20 minutes of winding around and around this spiral stair case.


While we couldn’t take pictures inside the main area in the church, behind the scenes is a stark contrast to the beautiful interior.


and then we got to the bells! I have been curious what these look like since we got here…mystery revealed!

DSCN8775 (2).JPG

and up close..


Then, I was amazed by this. The inside of the altar looks like this (Wikipedia credit for photo)

st marys church.jpg

Take notice of the vaulted ceilings. This is what they look like from the top..


After a huge climb, we reached the top and it was so worth it…

I give you…Old Town Gdansk









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