5 Jobs That Can Be Done From Anywhere

The more we travel, the more we meet other travelers, and everyone makes money in different ways. Digital nomads of many trades are common. With questions about how one can travel and work, here are just a few jobs I’ve come across that can be done from..well…anywhere!1149321_4461935765084_57536907_o

  1. Teaching English

Teaching English is in demand in many places around the world, and we have met several people who do so in foreign countries, as well as online. Jobs ranged from weekly Skype calls, to tutoring locals independently, to teaching in institutions.  While a BA/BS is preferred, one is not required by law in many countries in South America, Central America and Eastern Europe (although some institutions will have their own requirements). An accredited TEFL certification can increase the chances of getting a job too. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a 4-6-week intensive course which teaches practical training and different language methodologies.

Here you can see a chart on teaching English abroad in 50 countries, their education requirements, visa rules, estimated pay and some other good info.

2. Translation

Knowing two or more languages is also a ticket to working from anywhere. The globally connected marketplace needs translators who aren’t tied to an office. Translation jobs are available online through dedicated translation sites like Proz or Translatorscafe. Additionally, freelancing platforms like Freelancer have a translation category with many opportunities. If wanting to translate professionally, going through the ATA certification can help to gain credibility, as it is one of the most respected and recognized credentials.

3. Web Design

We have also come across web designers who have cut the cord from their corporate jobs to go for it solo from any remote location they choose. Quality web designers are highly sought online, and the average rate as of 2015 is reported at $21/hour. While training and experience is required, those who have it are sitting on their ticket to work from anywhere.

4. Research Assistant

I never knew that being an efficient Google searcher was worth money, but that is a highly sought after skill set. Many companies are looking to outsource research for a wide range of topics, from cold calling lists, to the latest research on robotics. Flexjobs is just one of the websites offering remote research gigs.

5. Writing

Lastly is writing. There are so many types of writing that can generate income. English speakers are in high demand and jobs are available for writing anything from short stories, to blogs, to glossaries, to birthday cards. There are also big opportunities in sales, legal and technical writing. We have met many people in the writing business, on many levels. Freelancewritinggigs, Guru and Freelancer are a few places offering jobs.

These 5 jobs are just a few that can be done from anywhere, many thanks to the digital age.  The internet has opened up  opportunities that weren’t available a decade ago, granting freedom to work from home, an iPad or another country. Woohoo!


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