One Minute You’re Living the Dream…Next Thing You Know…

People always say traveling the world is “living the dream”😎. To be honest, it is a lot of times, but as with all things in life…things go wrong. Here are 9 of our traveling mishaps…

  1. Scaly Swimming Buddies



It’s like one minute you’re just 100%  living the dream, paddling out on a beautiful day in Costa Rica, in perfect surfing conditions…(doesn’t happen every day)


The next thing you know, a crocodile swims through the waves

2. What’s in the Jungle at Night?


Then,one minute you’re living the dream, 4-wheeling up a volcano in Costa Rica with your brother, having a good time….

The next thing you know, you’re super stuck and it’s getting dark.


3. In Over Our Heads


Another time,  you’re living the dream, and you head out to surf with a new friend…

Next thing you know, you’re in 10-15 foot waves, rip tides and can’t find him. He comes walking up from way down the beach a little while later,the ocean stole his GoPro and you all sit on the beach thinkin about life.

4. The Ocean Strikes Back


Or how about living the dream, and you go spearfishing in crystal clear water…

The next thing you know, you’re driving your friend to the hospital because a sting ray jabbed him through his foot!


5. Don’t Try This at Home!


Another time soakin’ it up, living the dream, enjoying seafood (especially fried calamari) at a beautiful fishing port in Croatia…

The next thing you know, your sick for 3 days because  you tried to make your own at home!


6. Shocking Weather


One of the best was living the dream, enjoying a sunny morning  hike in Costa Rica..

The next thing you know, lightning storms roll in and strike the ground (and your ungrounded house), frying any electronics plugged in. Bye, bye modem!


7. No Way Out?

Venice from above

How about living the dream in Venice, that’s what you do right? See the canals, gondolas, sights and all…

The next thing you know, it’s getting dark and you’ve walked past the same pizza shop 4 times trying to find your way home. #feelinglikeabadtrip


8. Why You Don’t Sleep on the Bus


Another good one was  living the dream while visiting a volcano in Costa Rica…

The next thing you know, you realize you took the wrong bus home, are in a town an hour away and need to find the right bus…in the rain, where no one speaks English.

9. Stinging Underpants


Last but not least,living the dream, playing in the waves at the beach…

The next thing you know, you get a stinging slug stuck to your private parts and you gotta get it out right then and there!


When times get tough, that’s when you learn about yourself. Yeah one minute, something bad happens, it sucks…but you figure out how to get through it.

Then the next thing you know…you’re living the dream.

As a wise friend of mine said..Living the dream is not free, you have to earn it.

Go ahead, we’d love to hear a story below about when things were awesome, you were living the dream😎…and then the next thing you know….



21 thoughts on “One Minute You’re Living the Dream…Next Thing You Know…

  1. You’re living the dream, enjoying the rodeo with friends in Costa rica. Then you get home and find that almost all of your belongings have been stolen. Worth it!


  2. I’m sorry, had to laugh though. Some seriously scary sj*t but glad you’re able to tell the story. I was living the dream in France, kayakking for 2 days, yea.. 5 minutes on the water, biggest thunderstorm in years, flooding the river, making it too dangerous to pass the rapids..oh oh..


  3. Haha great post! Had so many little moments like this over the years, but they’re always the ones I tell people about! Glad you made it out of each one safe 🙂


  4. Funny post!
    I was living the dream on a beach in Cambodia when my whole body started to feel itchy and burny. Sand flies though I was the most delicious thing that they`ve seen in a while and decided to feast on me the whole time I was there!


  5. Oh no! Stinging underpants, that’s got to hurt. I’d also freak out over swimming with a crocodile. how absolutely scary! you are definitely braver than me – after one of these incidents I’d have hightailed it home.


  6. You know, I’m sitting here trying to think of the biggest catastrophe that I’ve ever experienced while travelling and I really can’t think of anything. Maybe it was all too traumatic that I’ve blocked it out lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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