Getting Acquainted with Budapest

Well if I didn’t love the beach as much as I do,  I could see myself living here. Right off the bat, we see this city is something special. With Buda on one side of the river and Pest on the other, the main feature here is the river and its epic bridges that connect the two parts of the city.





My first impression when arriving is how huge everything is. The buildings are 5-10 floors high and built all together to create ginormous walls towering over the streets below. It reminds me of Rome, New York, and Gdansk in that way.


The next thing I noticed is how it’s a relatively clean city and the people are super laid back and friendly. Maybe it’s that drinking in public is legal lol, I’m not too sure. From the time we got to the gate to fly to Budapest there has been drinking everywhere. But really, people are dressed with a kind of hipster vibe, and they seem healthy (probably because everyone is walking a  lot around this big city every day).


The restaurants were buzzing with people, a typical Tuesday afternoon? We saw a mom group doing yoga in the park with all their strollers in a circle and babies playing on blankets in the middle. People were lining the river on benches eating their lunches. There are also a lot of people on bikes, scooters and mopeds. I saw the cutest 80-year-old or so man in a suit coat, jeans and a scarf cruising down the street on a push scooter. There are also a lot of young people dressed professional/casual all around town.

As far as getting around, Budapest has a bike rental system so you can pick up a bike and then drop it off at another station which is cool.No kid bikes though, darn!


The public transportation is great with trolleys, electric buses, regular buses, and metros.DSC_2809

There are also tons of amazing buildings with crazy architecture. I haven’t learned what they all are yet, but they induce a sense of awe because they are so grandiose and detailed.


This is the castle above


The Parliament Building

Food wise we see Goulash soup everywhere, meats prepared Hungarian style,sausages, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, gyros, Indian food, sushi, and more. There are lots of craft beers, Hungarian wines and other yummy things like this citrus lemonade I had today. So far so good on that front. DSC_2875Caleb tried the Goulash soup at lunch and despite not thinking he would, he ate up every last drop.We also had an amazing thing yesterday that was kind of like a churro. They wrap dough around a 2 inch thick cylinder mold and bake it, then coat it in butter and cinnamon sugar and hand it to you with a hollow center. The outside is a little browned and crunchy. It was SO good!

There are tons of cute little coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and every other kind of shop you could need or want.



We walked 8.5 miles today wandering around and saw everything from clothes, to tech, to flowers shops.


I am looking forward to getting a closer look at the sights around here, taking a river cruise, checking out the zoo, aquarium and ropes course, and learning more about the city.


So far we are all seeing why everyone says Budapest is their favorite, it’s really nice!

Here were some other fun things around town…DSC_2867.JPG







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