A Great Way to Meet Budapest

We are on week 3 in Budapest now and have walked miles and miles to see the whole city, even got a bit lost at one point. That being said I have one piece of advice…

To take the sightseeing cruise when you first get to town!

It is the ideal introduction to the city. We learned about all the sites while relaxing and drinking glasses of champagne, beer and Fanta.boatinside

As we travel, I am constantly met with the challenge of learning about each city and “soaking it in”. With only one month to get an understanding of the story behind what stands today,  there’s always a bit of pressure. I have to admit, looking at building after building gets old if you don’t know what you are looking at and researching each one takes a lot of time. In Budapest, this problem is easily and enjoyably solved.


We hopped on the boat around 8 p.m., just as the rain stopped, found our seats and soon began cruising towards the Elisabeth bridge (named after Queen Elisabeth). The scenery along the river at night is absolutely beautiful with buildings and bridges lit up like a neighborhood at Christmas time.



The boat has a spiral staircase which leads up to a top deck; a must for taking pictures and getting some fresh air. As you can see above, they have headsets you can put on to listen to a program which explains the stories behind the buildings and bridges. It is very interesting and gives you a nice base of information to go out and explore more during the rest of your trip.


The view of the Buda Castle (above)  is breathtaking, especially with the cloudy sky right after the rain. Then, of course, the bridges are spectacular to see.Each one is built in a unique style with a character all of its own. Below is the chain bridge, the first bridge to be built to connect Buda and Pest.


In my opinion, the Hungarian Parliament Building is the pinnacle of the cruise(pictured below). The beautiful Gothic-Revival style is lit up which highlights the intricate architecture. I must’ve taken about 20 pictures. The cruise passes by it twice making for plenty of photo opportunities!


All in all, this was a memorable part of our trip for all 3 of us.



If you’re coming to Budapest…

This cruise was Legenda’s 1-hour sightseeing tour  and it was fabulous. It takes off from a dock in between the Elisabeth and Chain bridge. You then cruise down past the Liberty bridge and the Petőfi Bridge and then make a U-turn. Next, you go all the way back past the chain bridge to just before Margaret Island and then U-turn  to go back to the dock.


The 1-hour ride is great for after dinner, and like I said, I recommend it soon after you arrive in town so you can learn about everything. They have Wi-Fi, bathrooms, a nice boat, and the deck which I recommend you ride on (if it’s not raining!)

Happy travels all.


6 thoughts on “A Great Way to Meet Budapest

  1. Wow such a beautiful city! I’m traveling to Budapest next month with a few friends so will have to look into this cruise. Thank you so much for sharing.


    • Hi Shauna, Yeah our 7 year old son loved it and was entertained the whole time. It is 1 hour , so not too long and they get a drink. Also, you can take your kids up top to walk around if they get restless. Kids under 9 get to ride for free.👍🏼


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