Travel Talk

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We love traveling for many reasons (like amazing sunsets all over the world). Below you will find stories about the good, bad, scary, interesting, tasty, ugly and everything in between.

One Minute You’re Living the Dream…Next Thing You Know…

Yeah…things don’t always go as planned. Here are some of our most memorable mishaps.


Poland:If These Walls Could Talk…

Poland has a really scarred past and we got a feel for it when we were there.


Time Travel is Possible in this Croatian City

Pula, Croatia is so rich in history, it really feels like taking a peek into the past.


When a Normal Day Turns Extraordinary!

We always like to find the highest point in a city to see the view. This was the day we found that in Gdansk, Poland.


A Day in Venice, Italy

If you’ve always wondered what a day in Venice would be like, we share pictures and our experience.